Our mission

Created and Backed by Everest Summiteers and Global Adventurers, Expedreview’s mission is clear: to become the global leader in high-end adventure, ensuring sustainability, value and most importantly, safety remain paramount in this rapidly expanding industry.

One-of-a-kind platform in a fast-growing industry

Every year high-end adventures around the globe hit record numbers. This space is not niche anymore, everybody wants a piece of the action thanks to increased exposure on social media and streaming services.

There are now thousands of companies offering guiding products around the globe with prices from £500 to £200,000 per ticket. ExpedReview is the platform to compare, rate and review these products and is now expanding to include bookings and reservations.

With £140 million of annual product already listed on the platform, ExpedReview is on a mission to become the Airbnb of Adventure, emphasising sustainability, value, and safety in the outdoors.